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This web site for copyright person all the documents, in this did not make any authorized. This web site is limited to file for information and personal non-commercial or the purpose of use, and shall not in any network computer copy or announced, nor in any media propagation. Without the permission to copyright, no one may do STH without authorization (including but not limited to: to illegal copy the way, communication, display, mirror, upload, download) use. Otherwise the copyright person according to law, it shall be investigated for legal responsibility.



This website copyright people have the content of the right to change at any time, advance will not notice. The copyright person does not guarantee or statement this website shows the material is correct and comprehensive or the latest data.


This web site all pictures (including but not limited to illustrations, perspective, drawings, etc.), model, text and so on, only as reference information, the developers of any commitment or offer.


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Website about its development project information, all final government approval documents shall prevail. Commodity house buyers and sellers in the relationship between the parties signed the relationship between buyers and sellers in the related parties entered into a purchase contract shall prevail.


Anyone for this web site or rely on its content resulting from the exchange loss, copyright and developers are not undertake any responsibility.

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